Posted by: Patricia Salkin | April 29, 2009

Growth Management Reform Proposals Moving Through Florida Legislature

Florida Department of Community Affairs Secretary Tom Pelham has issued a press release this week raising concerns over the House and Senate growth management bills. The following is from the release:

Last week, the House voted in favor of HB/CS/CS/SB360, which substantially revised SB360. This week, the Senate is reported to be moving forward with Senate Bill 362 which closely mirrors HB/CS/CS/SB360.

SB362 and HB/CS/CS/SB360 contain numerous provisions which will substantially undermine Florida’s growth management laws. Among other things, these provisions open up the state’s major rural areas to unchecked development, and eliminate transportation concurrency and the DRI review process in major portions of the state without providing any alternative means of addressing transportation and other extra-jurisdictional impacts. After careful evaluation of SB362 and HB/CS/CS/SB360 and the many concerns raised about these bills, the Department has concluded that the bills do not constitute good public policy and will seriously undermine Florida’s growth management laws. Therefore, the Department opposes SB362 and HB/CS/CS/SB360.

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