Posted by: Patricia Salkin | May 28, 2009

Washington State Governor Issues Climate Change Executive Order

Governor Christine Gregoire issued an Executive Order this week entitled “Washington’s Leadership on Climate Change,” tasking the Department of Ecology and the Department of Transportation with a number of important activities. For example, the executive order calls for:

  • Continuing to work with six other Western states and four Canadian provinces in the Western Climate Initiative to develop a regional emissions reduction program design.
  • Working with the Obama Administration to help design a national program that is strong, and reflects state priorities.
  • Developing emission reduction strategies and industry emissions benchmarks to make sure 2020 reduction targets are met.
  • Working with TransAlta to reduce emissions from the company’s coal-fired power plant near Centralia by more than half.
  • Ensuring Washington has trees to capture harmful carbon, while creating financial incentives for the forestry industry.
  • Working on low-carbon fuel standards or alternative requirements to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector.
  • Joining with other West Coast states and the private sector to develop and implement a West Coast highway accessible to electric and alternative-fuel vehicles.
  • Addressing rising sea levels and the risks to water supplies.
  • Increasing transit options, such as buses, light rail, and ride-share programs, and give Washington residents more choices for reducing the effect of transportation emissions.

Executive Order 09-05 can be accessed at:

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