Posted by: Patricia Salkin | September 5, 2009

Colorado Enacts Solar Ready Homes Law

Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter signed into law the “Solar Ready Homes” bill in May 2009. Introduced as HB 1149, the new law requires homebuilders to offer future homeowners an option for solar pre-wiring, and to provide purchasers with a list of contractors to install such technologies. In addition, the purchase of solar panels is also authorized to be included in mortgages. This law promotes the integration of renewable energy at the construction phase, where it is most affordable for the average homeowner.

The bill can be accessed at:

The Governor’s press release can be viewed at:


  1. This seems to be a great idea for not only helping the environment but also the economy. While the Act itself does not actually cost the state a lot of money considering there are no grants or funding involved, it still gives homeowners the incentive to install solar panels by giving new homeowners easy access to solar energy systems and installation. The Act further should help create green jobs for engineers who design these solar energy systems as well as for solar energy installers.

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