Posted by: Patricia Salkin | December 11, 2009

Illinois Establishes School Wind and Solar Generation Program

The State of Illinois has adopted a school wind and solar generation program, authorizing the funding through the Finance Authority Act for low-interest loans to school districts and community college districts for engineering studies, feasibility studies, research studies, and construction costs for wind and solar generation projects. A special revolving loan fund was established to support this initiative within the State Treasury.

The new law became effective in August 2009.

Public Act 096-0725 (IL, S.B. 1570)

For the text of the new law click here


  1. Feasibility studies are pretty moot, with 2/3 of commercial wind energy revenues already bleeding from tax payers. The wind energy industry continues to put bullet holes in tax payer wallets, hoping to get a larger share before we bleed out completely.

    In a MISO competitive marketplace (something Illinois public schools talk about, but have very little experience with) any feasibility study would find that the larger the diameter and taller the tower, the more slowly any wind energy project would lose money.

    If the average Illinois taxpayer thinks this is a good use of their money, they either haven’t studied the technology objectively, or have comprehension issues.

    I suppose if the educational opportunities of school sited wind are treated with honesty, comprehensively and with no bias, then maybe this is what it takes to teach America that the first law of thermodynamics isn’t politically negotiable.

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