Posted by: Patricia Salkin | February 20, 2010

Model Policies for Greenhouse Gases in General Plans

The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) has published a guide entitled “Model Policies for Greenhouse Gases in General Plans,” which provides background information examples, references, links and a systematic worksheet to help local governments as they move toward Greenhouse Gas considerations in general plans and climate action plans.  Model language is provided in nine major categories: GHG Reduction Planning (overall); Land Use and Urban Design; Transportation; Energy Efficiency; Alternative Energy; Municipal Operations; Waste Reduction and Diversion; Conservation and Open Space; and Education. In addition to the model language, the report provides a worksheet in the form of a table to facilitate the evaluation of the policies for local use, considering specific local factors and criteria. The table also has links to examples of plans that have incorporated the model policy, or a similar policy, to provide a more in-depth understanding of what has been done, under what circumstances, and how.  While geared toward California, many of the policies and suggestions have broad application to jurisdictions nationwide.

The Guide (it’s 250 pages) can be accessed at:

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