Posted by: Patricia Salkin | September 11, 2010

CA DOT to Release for Comment Draft Update the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook

The California Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics is in the process of updating the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook (Handbook).  This update will be the fourth edition of the Handbook.  Its purpose is to support and amplify the article of the State Aeronautics Act (California Public Utilities Code, Section 21670 et seq.) which establishes statewide requirements for the conduct of airport land use compatibility planning.  The Handbook provides compatibility planning guidance to airport land use commissions (ALUC’s), their staff, consultants, and the counties and cities having jurisdiction over land use surrounding airports.  According to the CA DOT website, the Division of Aeronautics has been working with Environmental Science Associates (ESA) on the Handbook update.  A draft of the Handbook will be available via the ESA website at The Handbook review period is expected to run until October 4, 2010, and the update is expected to be completed in December 2010.  As of September 10, 2010 the draft update has not yet been posted to the web.  

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