Posted by: Patricia Salkin | December 16, 2019

NYS Siting Board Approves Wind Farm in Broome County Over Community Objections

Hat tip to Jimmy Vielkind for sharing this story From the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin:

“Over strong objections by two local members, the New York Siting Board approved a 124-megawatt wind turbine project in eastern Broome County.

In giving the go-ahead, the board also rejected a newly adopted Town of Sanford zoning law that placed severe restrictions on the project, labeling it “overly burdensome.”

The action by the siting board clears the way for Calpine to begin construction of the 27-tower project — four in the Town of Windsor and 23 in the Town of Sanford, measuring 670 feet from base to blade tip.

New York Siting Board Chairman John Rhodes, Public Service Commission chairman, said the project, based on plans, will minimize the environmental impact to the surrounding community. He said the newly adopted Town of Sanford zoning law is effectively a ban, and an undue burden to project sponsors, adding that existing conditions attached to the approval are “thoughtful and protective.” “


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