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  1. I have a property which is subject to a TIF district Design Overlay Ordinance. I want to create a parking lot which is a “permitted use” in the current base zoning. They say that I have to comply with their design guildlines which require an tax increment of $500,000. the site is just shy of an acre and I need the additional parking for a neighboring development. the land is worth $120,000 – can they really require me to create a $500,000 parking lot? Has there been any case law regarding this “newer” control mechanism?


  2. Is there a way to search for specific cases through the blog?

    • Maggie,

      There is a search function on the right hand side of the blog. Put in one party’s name and any posting with that name will appear.

  3. We have a dilemma in City of Parkland, Florida it is in Broward County. A land owner continues to expand his horse stabling business. He has now expanded to have 17 acres has built a barn with 47 stalls and an arena that is 125X225 which he is trying to light and have shows at. We are a AE 1 residential/limited agriculture We have been told that the barn is a permitted use but want to stop the shows and lights at the arena what can we do. He is using the farm act and ag exempt to say that he can build whatever he wants when the city has ordinances that refers to building heights/commercialization etc…what can we do to minimize this development in our neighborhood

  4. do zoning ordinances still apply with the farm act????

  5. is a riding stable/arena considered a farm?? are they exempt from local zoning ordinances??

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